HMoss Consulting Service Offering
HMoss Consulting offers a diverse portfolio of marketing and related services, as well as vital relationship-building initiatives to every client. Through the construction of custom proposals, plans and activities, we build a nimble strategic vision as unique and compelling as you are. At HMoss Consulting, we measure our performance the only way it should be measured—by client success.

Coporarte Imagery
Present market-facing components with a professional, consistent image to build confidence and establish credibility with your business prospects and customers.

Marketing Strategy
Identify and recommend effective online/offline marketing strategies to reach stated goals, nurture new opportunities, and increase market awareness for clients’ brands, products and services.

Sales and Alliance Development
Focus on developing strategic partnerships that build value, reputation and brand loyalty.

Web Site Design and Re-design
Direct and manage website design and production to maximize customer usability and alignment with marketing, sales, and press efforts.

Public Relations and Communications
Manage distribution of press to local and national media outlets, including television, radio, resource sites, trade magazines and targeted consumer media. Leverage relationships with core trade publications, online portals, industry leaders, and media contacts to generate a sustained buzz and increase market share and brand awareness.

Advertising and Promotions
Create advertising and promotional concepts with targeted placement, ensuring consistency of brand identity and positioning of services. Coordinate and manage production and delivery of ad creation.

Trade Shows and Other Events
Align sponsors, develop presentations, create pre- and post-event marketing tools. Develop budgets and leverage contacts to maximize exposure for every client Provide hands-on, relevant experience to ensure your event is a resounding success.